Carlos Slim - Mexican Billionaire - Opposes President Trump




Carlos Slim vs President Trump - U.S. vs Mexico

President Donald Trump has been elected President of the U.S. and, as President, he continues his attack on everything Mexican including Mexican billionaire, Carlos Slim. President Trump began his attack on Mexico when he first announced his candidacy for President

Carlos Slim - Mexico's Champion

Carlos Slim is the richest person in Mexico and, in Latin-America. He ranks among the 4 or 5 richest persons in the world. Slim's wealth is estimated at over $50 billion.


  Until President Trump started his election campaign attacks toward Mexico, many citizens of Mexico resented Carlos Slim, apparently believing he used "insider" political influence to make his huge fortune. President Trump's attacks toward Mexican immigrants and his support for "the wall" changed that resentment to outright support of Carlos Slim. Slim has now become a hero to many Mexicans as he publically advocates that Mexico develop their own economic future without the U.S. At the same time, Mexicans are expressing outspoken criticism toward Trump.


  Carlos Slim's star has risen so high that some Mexican citizens want Slim to run for the Mexican Presidency next year. So far, Carlos has denied any interest in becoming the president of Mexico.


Carlos Slim - Personal and Financial History


  Carlos Slim is 77 years old. He is of Lebanese descent (similar to the recently elected President of Brazil).


  From a very early age, Carlos Slim was a meticulous, hard-working person who was very innovative. He taught linear programming while a student in civil engineering. He credits his use of linear programming principals as an important factor for his success.

  From the beginning, as the Mexican economy went through its many up and down cycles, Slim used his genius and linear programming skills. He always sought to buy low and sell high. Along the way, he accumulated a large quantity of the shares of Telmex, the massive Mexican-based telecommunications firm, on which most of his huge fortune is based. Of course, it should be noted that many critics claim that he accumulated the Telmex shares using unfair methods.




  My readings on Carlos Slim leaves no doubt in my mind that he is a financial genius of the highest order possibly eclipsing even the well-known U.S. financial genius, Warren Buffett. His present net worth is over $50 billion even after a $15 billion decline associated with Mexican Peso losses attributed to Trump's tirades against Mexico.


 Carlos Slim has financial interests in at least 200 corporations. Almost unbelievable! An interesting property of his is a 17% interest in the New York Times which makes him the Times' major stockholder.


Carlos Slim - New Ventures


  Slim continues to plan new ventures.


  1. He plans to launch a U.S.-based Spanish-speaking television network.


 2. Slim plans to partner with Grupo Bimbo to build an electric vehicle.


 The above two ventures are only two of the many ventures, Carlos Slim is planning ahead even though he is now 77 years old.



 Carlos Slim is a financial genius with tremendous energy. He is undoubtedly the equal (or superior) of President Trump who wants to make a punching bag out of Carlos' beloved Mexico. Good luck, Carlos!



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Updated:       04/04/17


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