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The Mexican economy is booming now that politics in Mexico has calmed down, somewhat. Mexico had many periods of calm, peaceful progress in its rich history, but, eventually, revolutions or wars broke out and progress slowed or ceased.  It should be noted that, in 1521, when the Spanish (with the assistance of a fierce and weakening smallpox epidemic brought in by the Spanish invaders) conquered Mexico, Mexico was already an advanced society. For example, it had the only written language on the American continent.



  After 300 years of Spanish occupation, Mexico won its independence in 1821. Still, revolutions and wars (including a war with the U.S.) continued through the early part of the 20th century. Even today, powerful drug gangs cause violence akin to a war.



  Mexico has a highly diverse population of 120 million hard-working people. Today, it has the 11th strongest economy in the world and this is forecast to grow to 9th place by 2030 putting Mexico ahead of such advanced economies as Great Britain, France, and Italy.


  In addition to Mexico's rapidly advancing industrial economy, Mexico is a very popular vacation spot. It ranks 9th in the world for the number of people visiting. Additionally, Mexico ranks 4th in biodiversity which guarantees that nature-loving people will continue to visit. Of course, its location adjacent to the U.S. (world's richest country) makes it a magnet for U.S. tourists.


  It should be noted that Mexico has the world's largest population of Spanish-speaking citizens which makes it attractive to Spanish and Latin-American tourists.


  In regards to industry and the economy, Mexico is moving up fast. Partly due to low labor costs, the excellent work-related attitude of its citizens, and the NAFTA treaty, automobile production and other industrial production is rapidly moving to Mexico much to the disgust of President Trump who seems to hate all things Mexican.


  Another example of the Mexican economic success is the number of billionaires (about 20) that are Mexican. By far, the richest of these billionaires is Carlos Slim who is worth over $50 billion. This amount makes Carlos one of the two or three richest people in the world and, by far, the richest person in Latin-America. Carlos makes a strong mark in both the Mexican and world economies.


Mexico-Si! Donald Trump-No!


  President Trump occasionally makes a dig at Carlos Slim apparently because he is Mexican. But don't feel sorry for Carlos - he can take care of himself!


  As has been frequently reported, President Trump is determined to stop immigration of Mexican citizens into the U.S. and plans construction of a great border wall to halt the immigration.



CONCLUSION - President Trump - Keep hands off Mexico!


  Mexico has the potential to quickly become a great nation!. President Trump, please keep your hands off Mexico and let them develop normally! They are our best friend! Love your Mexican neighbors!



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