President Trump - Democracy or Fascism









The Good, Bad & Ugly of President Trump



What's Happening to the U.S? Is Trump the American Hitler? Is America heading for a Fascist government?  


The presidential election of 2016 is now over and I (an anti-Trump) am beginning to recover from the extreme shock and disappointment of President Trump's Election. I am concerned that we could be moving toward a Fascist government. Some of the Trumpisms from the campaign that bothered me the most:


1. Trump's plan to repeal the Obamacare healthcare plan which could leave many families without adequate health insurance 


2.  President Trump's denial that climate change exists. This ignorance could affect the entire human race. 


3. Trump plan to eliminate the EPA.


4. Trump's buddy - buddy relationship with Russia's Putin.


 5.  President Trump's view on immigration. He obviously hates Mexicans -----even worse than Muslims!


6.  Trump lies and damn lies in general!


 7. Trump appears to be agitating for renewal of an arms (nuclear weapons) race with Russia! Really, how stupid can you get?


 The Trumpisms list could go on for several pages but you get the idea. The major questions are "Will the country survive four years of President Trump?" Is the U.S. heading for a fascist government?


 The dread I personally feel about the entire Trump candidacy/presidency was best expressed in the 1972 movie musical Cabaret. The movie was set in pre-World War 2 Germany as the Nazis were just beginning to come to power The movie songs/skits were loud and cheerie but signs of the disaster to come were beginning to show. Having lived through World War 2, I understood the subtle signs in the movie of what lay ahead. 50 million people were to die. The movie scenes ended before the World War 2 bloodletting began but I knew the disaster that lay around the corner.


 In my mind, I compare the Cabaret background moodiness I felt watching that movie with the apprehension I feel as President Trump takes office. Something bad is probably going to happen!!


 Is Trump the American Nazi? Are we heading for a fascist future?


  No, it is more likely (Michael Moore's opinion) that fascism this time will be a "friendly" fascism. Fascism with a smile! No cattle cars or gas chambers as the Nazis used for undesirables in World War 2. We may only lose our personal freedoms this time!




I'm a total anti-Trump but I must recognize his good qualities. He is an intelligent man who can do great things if he puts his mind to it. However, how can he think straight with the group of weird followers that heap adoration on him. They look like the audience that gleefully watch half-naked fat ladies that often fight on the Jerry Springer show. Trump probably feels he has to keep pleasing his ignorant mob of followers   Hopefully, he will get sick of them.


 Early in the political campaign, Trump had strong opposition in the Republican Party. Now, most of that opposition has evaporated and the Party has apparently gone hard line and is gloating in Trump's victory.

  Very concerning to me is the change over the past few years in the love of violence of the American people which make the American people partly responsible for the Trump phenomenon. The success of the Jerry Springer Show is just one instance of Americans increasingly loving violence. In the sports world, athletes are becoming more like Roman gladiators than athletes. This is certainly true in professional football! My former favorite sport of boxing has almost disappeared in favor of "ultimate fighting." Boxing was rough enough (but it had some art and science to it) but ultimate fighting is sadistic beyond belief! The American people of 2016 are not the same type as people of a few decades ago.


 The American media also deserves some responsibility for the Trump phenomenon. He has received, literally, several billion dollars of free publicity. Early on, my favorite TV news program, Morning Joe, had him on the show almost daily . At first, they seemed to oppose him. Then, they seemed to switch - they began to castigate Hillary. Next, they appeared to switch allegiance every few days. But, regardless of which side they favored, most subjects contained references to Trump. Other TV news channels were just as bad.. Trump literally dominated the TV media. Newspapers were a little better, but who reads newspapers anymore?


  When all the reasons for Trump's success are evaluated, the role of FOX News in "softening up" the American people for the President Trump era was important..




  Several months ago, we thought the Republican Party under Trump was out of sync and would need revitalization. Now, it appears it's the Democrats that will need revitalization. The departing Democratic leaders now appear to have been too much out of the "nice guy" past and unable to compete with supremely aggressive "new" candidates like Donald Trump. The Democrats are going to have to get mean and aggressive. Most of us are going to suffer as the results of the revitalizations of the parties./p>


  Some of the Democratic-leaning states, notably California, are aggressively preparing for President Trump. They do not intend to allow Trump's feds to enter their state and bulldoze the states into taking actions that harm the state's citizens. I support those actions.





  Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. There is no arguing that fact. However, I believe we will regret that result which may involve living under Fascism.




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Updated:           02/26/17