President Trump is Not Hitler






Why President Trump is not Hitler




1. Trump haters are accusing President Donald Trump of being another Hitler. That not true!



2. The contrasts between the two tell a different story!  <>


3.  .In World War 2, Hitler was a very brave (fanatical) German soldier delivering messages behind enemy lines..  He was wounded in a poison gas attack.  Trump , on the other hand, survived the Vietnam War via multiple deferments.



4.    Hitler, while only a Corporal in World War 2, later often showed considerable skill in planning military strategy and tactics.  Trump has been great in planning scams (Trump University) but not too great in planning on how to run a country.



5. Hitler was often innovative in his military thinking.  For example he was against the trench warfare that he had personally experienced in World War 1 and he encouraged his subordinates who developed the Blitzkrieg strategy featuring tank warfare that Germany used so successfully early in World War 2. Trump was very good in developing scams but this was eclipsed by Hitler's military innovation.



6. Hitler was an expert in choosing his top subordinates, Goring, Goebbels, Hess, Bormann, Speer, etc, who were brilliant (but often even more vicious and dedicated to Nazism than Hitler). Hitler generally stuck with his subordinates through thick and thin although he seemed to love chewing out Goring for Goring's supposed shortcomings. Things were different with Hitler's generals who he never hesitated to blame for every defeat. He often would discharge a failed general and then, later, rehire him. Trump also has selected some talented men for his top subordinates but, I question if he will tolerate any failures by them. He tends to blame others for all his problems.  



7. Hitler was a notorious late riser and his staff dared not wake him. This hurt the German cause greatly on D-day when he slept while the allies established their beachhead. Only Hitler could unleash the German Panzer divisions that "might" have turned the tide of battle. Hitler was also fond of napping during the day. Trump, though, is fond of tweeting at all hours and does not have sleep or napping problems.



8. The two leaders differed greatly on how they interacted with women Somewhat surprising, Hitler was an old-line gentlemen who treated women with great respect while Trump seemed fond of being vulgar toward women. Hitler was married one time - one day on the last day of his life (To his mistress, Eva Braun). Trump was married three times. Although American and British women flocked after him, Hitler stated that he could only marry a German girl. Trump, on the other hand, seems to be especially attracted to foreign-born women.



9. Neither Trump or Hitler was fond of alcohol but Hitler went even further and was a near-vegetarian. He often told his meat-eating associates that they would not eat meat again if they were to visit a slaughter-house.



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No, President Trump is Not Hitler , the President and Hitler differ in many aspects and are alike in a few. The reader should remember that Hitler - despite him possessing some favorable personal characteristics - was largely responsible for the death of over 50 million people. Trump has no such grim statistic against him.


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