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Goebbels - Hitler's Propaganda Minister.   




Joseph Goebbels was Hitler's  Propaganda Minister.  Goebbels was highly educated (PhD) and very intelligent.  The evil genius of the top Nazis  And also the most fanatical of the German leaders.  Goebbels was born with a crippled foot and was turned down for military service in World War I and this stigma along with his being undersized, was a constant source of embarrassment for Goebbels as he preached the propaganda philosophy of the Nazi master race.


In pre-World War 2 Germany, Goebbels first opposed Hitler and tried to have him ejected from the Nazi party.  He then changed his opinion on Hitler, however, and Hitler became his idol. 


In May 1933, Goebbels organized the book burning event in which thousands of library books written by "undesirables" were publicly burned - an event that was denounced throughout the world.  


In his propaganda campaigns, Goebbels used all forms of the media but stressed radio.  which he said was his "No. 1 weapon in maintaining the Nazi state"   Goebbels was a workaholic who, in his "spare time"  kept a voluminous diary - The Goebbels Diary - which described the war and German home front in infinite detail and,also, his propaganda efforts. (A must read for World War 2 buffs) 


In addition to his propaganda efforts, Goebbels continually worked to get greater wartime effort out of the German people, an area that Hitler neglected. 


As the end of the war approached, Goebbels had his wife, Magda, and himself shot after Magda had killed their six children with cyanide.  He did not see any reason for them to live in a world without Hitler.


Web Sites for Goebbels - German Propaganda


1.  Rush Limbaugh.   Propaganda is such an effective part of Rush Limbaugh's ranting,  I wonder if he is not related to Goebbels who was the most effective of all time at using propaganda.  Limbaugh definitely has an interest in World War 2 as he loves to prattle on about how France fought cowardly in World War 2. 


Recently, as Rush Limbaugh has received publicity due to his statement that he wished President Obama to fail, I have been criticized by some readers for comparing Rush Limbaugh to Goebbels.  But I maintain that it is fair to compare the two men.  They are/were hard working, talented propaganda leaders who believe strongly in their causes.   Of course, Limbaugh is not the villain that Goebbels was but I maintain that his very effective propaganda messages have damaged the U.S!








Conclusions: Goebbels | Propaganda


Joseph Goebbels - Propaganda Minister - was the most fanatical of the German Nazi Leaders.  Highly intelligent, Goebbels knew what efforts Germany needed to make to win World War 2.  Of the German leaders, Only Albert Speer had the same perception about the war and he and Goebbels tried to turn things around,  and the other German leaders would not follow their lead as disaster loomed.


Goebbels and his wife Magda committed suicide rather than live in a world without Hitler!?



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