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Hitler's Successes & Mistakes in World War 2





Hitler, German Leader in World War 2, was a fearless, fanatical genius with charisma.  He was a gambler and loved to rely on boldness and bluff but Hitler also, frequently, had good intuitive insights in critical situations and often acted decisively on these occasions.  On the other hand, he would sometimes waffle in critical situations and great opportunities would pass without action.  The end for Adolf Hitler came in April 1945, when he and his wife of one day - Eva Braun - committed suicide in the Bunker.  



Three Great Attributes and Successes Hitler Had as the Top German Leader:

  1. Hitler's ability to assemble and control a group of talented and ruthless individuals - Goering, Goebbels, Himmler, Bormann, and Speer - for his top leadership.  These men were the German leaders of World War 2.  They were very capable but don't turn your back on them!

  2. Hitler's Successful use of bullying and bluffing techniques to seize Austria and Czechoslovakia without a fight.

  3. Hitler's adoption of blitzkrieg techniques, with the highly mobile Panzer divisions, to quickly conquer Poland, France, and other Western European countries.  More conventional leaders would have used conventional trench warfare techniques and a World War I type stalemate might have occurred.


Hitler's Eight Weaknesses and Failures

  1. Failure to immediately invade England after Dunkirk.  See World War 2 Battles for details. Many experts question whether this was a failure.

  2. Decision to attack Russia before finishing off England.

  3. Hitler Held back on increasing war production after the war started.  He had a head start in armaments at the beginning of the war but was apparently too concerned about the German people having to make too many sacrifices. (Yes, even Hitler worried about public opinion!)  So war production lagged and England was actually producing more planes than Germany during the Battle of Britain.  This weakness was corrected in the later years of the war by Albert Speer's but, by then, it was too late.

  4. Hitler misjudged the strength of the Russians.  Hitler almost got away with this one as Stalin, for some time, refused to believe that Hitler was actually attacking him and held his forces back.  When Stalin finally unleashed them, several Soviet armies and much of the air force had already been destroyed.  When unleashed, the Russians fought back fiercely and, also, were able to move their war plants east out of the German Army's path.

  5. Poor strategy in Russia.  Hitler continually split his attacking forces - one column toward Moscow, a second toward the Caucasus, and a third toward Leningrad -  instead of concentrating on the main target, i.e., Moscow.

  6. Flittering away resources on "secret weapons" instead of building more fighter planes.  With more fighter planes, Hitler might have kept air supremacy over Russia and also neutralized the American and British bomber raids over Germany.

  7. Hitler's campaign against the Jews.  During World War I, German Jews fought bravely for Germany.  Hitler should have known that because he was in the trenches with them.  Had the Jewish men been available for service,  manpower shortages would have partly alleviated.  Also, the many Jewish scientific minds, e.g., Einstein, that were lost to the German war effort were irreplaceable. 

  8. Hitler's failure to better mobilize women into the war effort as was done in Russia, England and the United States (Rosie the riveter!).  This would also have helped alleviate the manpower problem since male workers who were replaced would have been available for military service.

An excellent book on Hitler's blunders is "Hitler Slept Late:  And Other Blunders That Cost Him  the War"



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    2.  German Generals World War 2.  Some of Hitler's generals were duds but some - notably Guderian & Rommel - were military geniuses.  There was constant friction between Hitler and many of his generals.  If in a rage, he would fire a general but, then, would often later put the fired general back on staff in a different role.


    3.  Germany in World War 2.  More good stuff on Hitler, his strategies, how he could have won the war.






Conclusions:   Hitler, German Leader In World War 2


Adolf Hitler was an evil man but he was also a political & military genius.  He took on practically the entire world and gave a good account for himself and Germany.  Thank God a few mistakes were made by Hitler, otherwise, we might be speaking German now.. 



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