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  What's Ahead For Oil And Energy Company Stock Investments





  Are you ready to invest in conventional oil and energy company stocks or do oil companies jumping into the unconventional shale formations such as the Bakken Shale interest you?  What about oil refining companies or oilfield services companies? 



Mutual funds that specialize in oil and energy company stocks , may be your best oil investment if you are as cautious as I am. 



Some investors will make money from the oil and energy company stocks  It may as well be you!!






        Breaking News - Oil And Energy Company Stocks


Recently, several items of significant importance to oil & energy company stock investors have occurred. These new items are of such significance that, because of them, the energy crisis that has been forecast for years may be overcome!   Oil 101 is still applicable!

1.  Activity in the Bakken Shale Formation of North Dakota become red-hot when word of the immense size of oil contained in the Formation become known.  Oil companies are flocking to North Dakota to work on the prolific Bakken Formation.   Higher oil prices and improved drilling technology (horizontal drilling and fracturing) allowed the oil to be recovered profitably.   For more details on some of these oil companies involved, see   Small Oil Company Stocks   and   Bakken Oil Companies


2.  Several giant oil fields have been discovered offshore of Brazil by Petrobras and associate companies.  The estimate of up to 30 billion barrels (and possibly more) would make this one of the largest oil fields in the world.  The oil lies deep offshore under a mile or so of salt so recovery will be difficult and expensive.  But oil prospecting in offshore Brazil is getting hot!


3.  The recently-discovered  massive natural gas field - the Haynesville Shale Formation and other shale formations around the U.S. - are being rapidly developed. These shale formation natural gas fields are having a major impact on solving the predicted energy crisis. 


4.  As other "experts" blather nonsense - and the U.S. government squanders billions to subsidize the corn ethanol scam, a pioneer of the oil patch - T. Boone Pickens - has come forward with a specific Pickens Plan to combat the oil shortage.  The Pickens Plan proposes using our abundant natural gas as a bridge fuel while, at the same time, developing wind energy (windmills) and other alternative energy supplies.  And Pickens is putting his money where his mouth is.


A special note on the shale formations that are being developed for natural gas and oil  production.   The technology is new and is advancing every day.  In regards to natural gas from shale, I expect natural gas produced from shale formations will soon virtually dominate the natural gas market.  Why drill 5 miles deep into the Gulf of Mexico, with its potential for destructive hurricanes and spills, when you can find massive amounts of natural gas (and oil) in the shale formations in more friendly environments onshore.








Oil & and Energy Company Stock Investing 

My present outlook for oil & and energy company stock investing is as follows:

Peak Oil has been forecast by some experts and may still be on the way, but the arrival of Peak Oil has been delayed for years (if not decades) by significant improvements in drilling techniques and discovery of giant oil and natural gas fields (notably in the deep Gulf of Mexico, the Bakken Shale Formation of North Dakota, offshore Brazil, the Haynesville and Marcellous Shale Formations - and other oil and natural gas shale formations rapidly being developed).     Significant development of certain alternative energy sources such as oil sands, wind energy, hybrid cars, LNG, etc. has also contributed. Recovery of oil from oil sands and recovery of both oil & natural gas from long-ignored shale formations are being  ramped up especially fast in North America.   LNG and wind power usuage are moving rapidly overseas.




In addition to the above additions to energy supplies,  energy efficiency improvements are underway  and have the potential to make a major impact in reducing energy demand as did similar energy efficiency improvements during past energy crises. 



Despite the above rosy scenario, we will eventually run out of conventional crude oil, and there is still, as yet, no complete substitute for oil. Supplies of all the fossil fuels will continue to decline as demand increases.  This is especially true for oil because of its extensive use in automobiles, trucks, airplanes, etc.   



The rapid industrialization and improvement in living standards of China and India are contributing significantly to the  increase in demand for oil and natural gas.  Also, the one-time backward countries of the Middle-East are advancing out of the "undeveloped" ranks fast and are using more and more of their own oil for home consumption.  Therefore, these Middle-Eastern countries will have less oil available for export.



Conventional oil and energy company stocks should be a good investment.  As a diversification, the oil   investor may want to consider alternative energy company stocks although caution is advised. 





        Oil & Energy Company Stock Categories:



   Large  Oil Company Stocks




Large oil company stocks (examples:  ExxonMobil, BP, Petrobras, Devon, Chevron, etc) are reviewed.   



   Small Oil Company Stocks



These small oil companies are volatile but less likely to be affected by government legislation (indeed, legislation aimed at the major oil companies may, by default,  reward the efforts of small independent oil companies!), and many small oil company stocks may offer good rewards when oil prices rise again. 



Small oil company stocks (Frontier Oil, Vaalco, EPL, UPL,  etc) are reviewed.





   Oilfield Services Company Stocks 



For convenience, oilfield service companies, oil drilling companies, oil tanker companies, & oil refinery companies are lumped into this category.  There are some great opportunities in this area but you need careful research.  For example, some stocks, e.g., the oil tanker stocks, seem to be incredible bargains but my research indicates they seldom move up the way we think they should.  They always appear to be bargains.  A very peculiar stock group! Has their time now come?


Eight (8) of the oilfield services company stocks (Halliburton, Schlumberger, Transocean, Baker Hughes, etc) are reviewed.


 Alternative Energy Company Stocks



The alternative energy stock companies require the most agility in your oil and energy company stocks trading.  For example, early investors (speculators) in the "green pill" company probably made big bucks quickly due to the TV publicity, but later investors were left in the lurch as word got out that the green pills were essentially nothing but moth balls and had no affect on gasoline mileage. 


There are some good opportunities in the alternative energy company stock sector and some real scams.  I would advise trading lightly. 



Alternative energy company stocks (Archer Daniels Midland, First Solar, Sasol, etc) are reviewed.








Web Sites for Oil and EnergyCompany Stocks


        1.  Bakken Shale Formation Oil.  Whoever thought there could be a giant oil field in North Dakota?  Estimates run from a few billion barrels to at least 24 billion barrels.  How much is recoverable is the big question!


       2.  Bakken Oil Companies.  The Bakken Shale Formation in North Dakota is a hot formation at the present time and the oil companies have been rushing to develop it.


      3.  EOG Resources, Inc.  EOG, Enron spinoff, has surpaced its parent in competence and honesty. A very interesting oil and energy company stock.


         4. Germany in World War 2.   Germany fought hard in World War 2 but the US, Great Britain and Soviet Union were too strong for them.




 Oil & Energy Company Stocks:  Conclusions


Oil and energy company stocks are divided into four categories - large oil companies, small oil companies, oilfield services companies, and alternative energy companies.  The large oil company stocks and the oilfield services stocks are the safer investments. 






This web site, titled Oil Company Stocks | Energy Company Stocks,  and the information included herein, is intended to provide information only and should not be construed as investment advice.  The information provided is meant to broaden your knowledge and enable you to make better investment decisions within your portfolio.


I am not registered as an Investment Advisor nor am I a certified Financial Advisor. Sometimes I give an opinion on the quality of an investment.  This information is based solely on my own  investment goals and investment needs and might not reflect your goals and needs and might not be an appropriate investment for your portfolio.


Please consult with your Financial Advisor or Financial Consultant before actually purchasing any of the investments discussed herein.




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