Small Bakken Oil Company Stocks




 Small Bakken Oil Company Stocks - Why Invest In Them?



Small Bakken Oil Company Stocks Volatility.

  Small Bakken Oil Company Stocks are volatile and this volatility makes the small stocks ideal for investors who are not afraid of risk. Small oil stocks rise fast when things are going right. You can use volatility and make money fast!



  Unfortunately, the volatile stocks of the small oil companies wiill also fall rapidly when things don't go right. You can lose money fast!


 Let's examine a few of these aggressive Small Bakken Oil Company Stocks.



Northern Oil & Gas (NOG)

Northern Oil & Gas has only been in business for 10 years or so but has been very successful particularily in the Bakken Field.   

Market Cap is $224 million, and revenue is $137 million. NOG lost $453 million during the year. The stock was up about 15% during the year.

  Whiting Petroleum Corp (WLL)



.  Whiting is a Small Bakken Oil Company that has handled their affairs in the Bakken very well. They have about 160,000 acres under lease and they are planning a multitude of wells for this acreage.

 Whiting's Market cap is $2.8 billion, revenue is $1.2 billion, and Whiting lost $1.3 billion in the past year.

SM Energy Company (SM)

 St. Mary's (SM) has approximately 100,000 acres under lease in the Bakken.

 The market cap for SM is $3.4 billion, revenue is $1.2 billion and SM operated at a loss of $897 million during the year.



Conclusion: Small Bakken Oil Company Stocks & Investments

 Many small oil companies have been very successful operating in the Bakken Shale Formation.


  Updated: 06/26/17


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