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World War 2 Websites



 Websites covering World War 2 in Europe are presented. Events involving Germany In World War 2 are emphasized.




1. American Generals-World War2   Patton-Eisenshower-Bradley: American Generals in World War 2                    

Generals Patton, Eisenhower, & Bradley - Great American Generals who Fought and Won World War 2!




2.  Blitzkrieg  German Strategy World War 2:  Blitzkrieg - The New Way To Fight

New German Battle Strategy in World War 2 Blitzkrieg emphasized Mobility By Use of Tanks & Aircraft.....A new way to fight!  No more trench warfare as occurred in World War 1!





    3.  Cold War     Cold War - Democracy vs. Communism

   Cold War Events: Marshall Plan, Korean War, Vietnam War, Fidel Castro, & Berlin Wall.  U.S. & Russia Clash and U.S. Wins.





    4. Famous Germans - World War2    Famous Germans  World War 2 - Celebrities

   Who Were the Famous Germans of World War 2?  German celebrities of World War 2!





           5. German Generals                                        German Generals of World War 2 - Experts in Fast Moving Battles

            31 kb

            German Generals Were Masters of Mobile Warfare, e.g., Blitzkrieg.  Generals Rommel, Guderian, von Manstein, Jodl!





            6. German Battles                            German Battles - World War 2:  London Blitz, D-Day, Russia

            52 kb

            Great World War 2 Battles:  Poland, France, Dunkirk, Battle of Britain, North Africa, Italy, Stalingrad, D-Day, Battle of the Bulge




            7. German Fuel Shortage                Fuel Shortage - World War 2 Germany

            31 kb

            Germany's Fuel Shortage was Similar to Present U.S. Energy Crisis & Oil Shortage.  It may have cost them the war.





            8. Goebbels                                      Goebbels - German Propaganda Expert

            12 kb

            Goebbels - Propaganda Minister - Most Fanatical of the Nazi Leaders.  Was He the Soul Brother of Rush Limbaugh?





            9. Goering    Goering - Luftwaffe Commander & Top German Leader After Hitler


            Goering Showed Great Physical Courage in World War 1 - But, he had Little Moral Courage When Facing Hitler.           






            10. Guderian                     Guderian - German Panzer General Won Many Battles But Lost the War

            26 kb

            Guderian, one of the Greatest Tactical Generals of All Time, But His Massive Ego Caused Germany Problems in Russia






            11.  Hitler                                      Hitler - German and Nazi Leader in World War 2

            15 kb

            Adolf Hitler - His Successes & Mistakes in World War 2.







            12.  Holocaust                              Holocaust - Campaign Against the Jews



            41 kb     

            Nazi World War 2 Campaign Against the Jews





            13.  Okinawa                                    Okinawa - Island of War & Peace

            22 kb

            Okinawa is back with Japan and is a great island for Sightseeing, Diving, Swimming, or Touring World War 2 Battlefields.



            14.  Pacific War                                 World War 2 in Pacific

            12 kb.           

            Causes of World War 2 - Pearl Harbor - Japan's Early Victories - Midway - Island Warfare - Atomic Bomb - Japan Surrenders






            15.  Planning and Strategy                           Planning & Strategy in War & Business

            34 kb

            Good Planning & Strategy Won World War 2 for the U.S. and Good Planning & Strategy are Required for Business Success





            16.  Post-World War II                          Post-World War II

            39 kb

            Events After World War II Ended






            17.  President Roosevelt                       President Roosevelt in World War 2



            36 kb

            Roosevelt, President of the United States in World War 2.  A great American leader!




            18.  Project Management - Manager          Management of Successful Projects - Project Management



            23 kb

            Project Management Skills Needed to Build Successful Projects











            20.  World War 2 Information                    World War 2 Information

            62 kb

            Information on Germany in World War 2





            21.  World War 2 Battlefield Tours                         Tours - World War 2 Battlefield Tours


            21 kb



            Famous World War 2 Battlefields:  France, Dunkirk, Battle of Britain, Normandy (D-Day), Battle of the Bulge







            22.  worldwar2leaders                                     German Leaders of World War 2:  Hitler-Goering-Goebbels-Speer

            35 kb

            World War 2 German Leaders Were Talented But Ruthless Men








            23.  World War 2 Women                                      Famous German Women of World War 2

            48 kb

              Famous German Women With Roles in World War 2

                (Amazon stuff on World War 2)







            24.  Index                                                 World War 2 | Germany in World War 2

            63 kb

            German Side Of World War 2











            26.  IraqWar                                  World War 2 & Iraq War Compared

            28 kb

            Iraq War is No Comparison to World War 2!  And Saddam Hussein was no Comparison to Hitler!





27.  Next War                                    Next U.S. War & U.S. Wars of the Future






27. France In World War 2                                    France in World War 2 Lost Badly but did not Fight Cowardly



                         41 kb


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